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Dear Vendor,

Welcome to the Able Aerospace Services Vendor Routing Guide. Inside are your standard routing and packaging instructions for shipping your merchandise to and from Able Aerospace Services locations throughout the United States.

We encourage you to share this guide by distributing it internally throughout your organization. Using this guide will ensure that you are receiving the most efficient processing of your merchandise and invoices. This guide provides up-to-date routing instructions for small package, TL, and LTL shipments using carriers which provide Able Aerospace Services with reliable service at competitive rates.

The instructions in this guide supersede all previous routing instructions, written or oral. Please pay special attention to our routing guide instructions, and our routing guide “rules”.

The routing and packaging instructions in this guide are an integral part of our vendor agreement. These standards apply when shipping to any Able Aerospace Services facility. Special requests pertaining to routing that are not covered in this guide must be approved by the Transportation Department in advance.

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