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What does do for me? How do I sign up?
How will you bill me?  
Is the system secure? How do I access a routing guide?
What is a Route Grid? How do I perform a Route Inquiry?
How do I send an "advanced shipment notification"? I was not issued a password, can I still access a routing guide?
What browser's do you support?

What does do for me? delivers two distinct benefits:

  1. We make the production, maintenance and distribution of Routing Guides easier, faster and less expensive by eliminating the need to print, distribute and track the receipt of new or updated Routing  Guides.
  2. We make it easier for shippers to comply with routing instructions by eliminating paperwork, the need to find the most current version of a particular  Routing Guide and by providing a simple Route Inquiry tool.

In addition to making the process of issuing and utilizing a Routing Guide easier and faster, we provide tools that improve the communication between shipper, carrier and consignee such as Advance Shipment Notifications, Bill of Lading Generation, tracing and tracking and more.

If you would like, you can view a sample guide now.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to post your Routing Guide on, simply access the sign up page and enter the required information. If you would like more information, contact us.

How will you bill me?

Billing is performed on a monthly basis.  Invoices are sent prior to the month that is being billed.  All fees are payable within 20 days. fees are only incurred by the companies whose Routing Guides are posted on the web site.

How do I access a routing guide?

You can access a routing guide by executing a hyperlink on another site, you can type in the address of the routing guide ( name of the company) or you can go to and select "find a guide".  In order to view a Routing Guide you must enter your email address.  Additionally, some Routing Guides have been password protected; if your vendor or customer issued you a password, enter it in the password field otherwise leave the field blank.

Is the system secure?

We know and appreciate how critical your data is and work hard to protect it from falling into the wrong hands.  After careful study of worst-case scenarios, has developed technology solutions that are designed to overcome those risks.   Click here to learn more about your Privacy and Security.

How do I perform a Route Inquiry?

Routing guides are accessible by location, direction and product exception therefore, if the product you are shipping is identified in the product drop down box you  should select it otherwise select all products; select the location that you are shipping  and  tell  the system whether you are shipping from or to that location.  

Once all of this information is entered, you can choose to view a Route Grid or you can continue entering information to perform a route inquiry.

What is a Route Grid?

A Routing Grid is a combination of shipping location, the direction of the movement that is being controlled (inbound, outbound or both), and any product exceptions.   This is typically what you see on the old-fashioned paper Routing Guides.

How do I send an "advanced shipment notification"?

After you receive the routing assignment from the system, you can send a message to the consignee.  This will provide the consignee with an advanced notification and allow them to prepare and plan for the receipt of the shipment.

I was not issued a password, can I still access a routing guide?

Customers who set up Routing Guides have the option of allowing unsecured access to their Routing Guides.  In the event that you were not provided a password, simply enter your email address in the "email address" field and select login.  If the Routing Guide was configured without security, you will be granted access, if you still can not access the guide, contact your Route Administrator.

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