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Welcome to Textron Aviation Defense Inbound Routing Guide for domestic and international suppliers. Please review this guide. Our aim is to keep improving our collective supply chain efficiencies while minimizing freight costs.

  • Every supplier that maintains a contract or open purchase order with Textron Aviation Defense has the responsibility for ensuring that each of their domestic or global shipping locations has knowledge of this routing website.
  • Textron Routing Guides are to be utilized ONLY for shipments where Textron Aviation Defense is responsible for paying transportation provider directly. Supplier(s)/Vendor(s) are NOT to utilize “Prepaid and Add” when utilizing Textron’s Routing Guides.
  • All shipments Inbound to a Textron Aviation Defense address from suppliers must be shipped FREIGHT COLLECT, via the preferred Carrier specified in the Inbound Routing Guide website if Textron Aviation Defense is the payer of the freight invoice.
  • For Less-than-Truckload or Truckload shipping Inbound Collect, DO NOT complete the Bill Charges To / 3rd Party section of the bill of lading (BOL). Marking the BOL “Freight Collect” when shipment is inbound to Textron Aviation Defense location is sufficient to ensure carrier invoices charges to Textron Aviation Defense.
  • If shipping Less-than-Truckload (LTL) or Truckload a true 3rd Party shipment which means shipper and consignee is a non-Textron Aviation Defense address, then you must complete the Bill Charges To / 3rd Party section of the BOL. In the Bill Charges To / 3rd Party section provide the company name, Textron Aviation Defense and complete address to be payer of the freight invoice. Without this information the freight charged to Textron Aviation Defense can be rejected back to Shipper by Carrier for payment due to unknown address as payer. PO Boxes will not be acceptable addresses.
  • Any deviation from the specific routing listed here in this matrix for your shipping locations must be authorized by Textron Aviation Defense Supply Chain personnel on an emergency, shipment – by – shipment basis.
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Textron Aviation Defense

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