routing guide improves vendor compliance and inbound logistics

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Inside you will find your customer routing guide that contains standard routing, packaging and rules of engagement for shipping merchandise to your customers throughout the world.  Please click on the search box to the left to find your customer's routing guide.


Control inbound supplier shipments

Reduce excessive freight costs.

Comply with customer requirements

Maintain strong vendor scorecard

Connect Suppliers & Customers

Improve vendor compliance and communications. 


Post your routing guide and vendor compliance manual.

Compliance Made Simple...

  1. Reduce freight expense and non compliant shipments

  2. Simplify production, maintenance and distribution  of routing guides
  3. Secure access to account numbers and proprietary information
  4. Eliminate the need to print, distribute and track the receipt of your new or updated routing guide
  5. Transform your routing guide from static to dynamic
  6. Automatically track acknowledgements and vendor access
  7. Achieve competitive advantages by customer and supplier working together strategically.
  8. All supported by best in class, rapid response customer service

"Electronic Routing Guides promise timely information,
easy distribution, and widespread access"

                    -Inbound Logistics

"The most valuable use of Routing Guides is to allow you to gain control over inbound shipments by getting vendors to comply with routing instructions."
                            -Supply Chain e-Business    

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Improve, monitor and enforce vendor compliance and manage inbound and outbound logistics of upstream and down stream supply chains

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View Sample Routing Guide Inquiry delivers savings by improving usage of your carriers and eliminating contract leakage

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